Egg Rate Today in Mussoorie

Last 30 Day Report
Price Up / Down: + ₹5.65
Percentage: - 0%
Today Rate: ₹5.65
30 Days Ago Rate: ₹0
Egg Rate Today on Market
NECC Egg Price: ₹5.65 ₹169.5
Whole Sale Rate: ₹5.65 ₹169.5
Retail Rate: ₹5.97 ₹179.1
Super Market Rate: ₹6.06 ₹181.8
Mussoorie Egg Price Chart
Lowest and Highest Egg Price Chart
Egg Rate Today


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What is the cost of 1 egg?

The Cost of 1 egg is ₹4.50 - ₹5.50.

How are you find daily egg rate.

Firstly open browser and enter and know egg rate state wise. If you want egg rate today for desire state, then click on desire state name. After click on state name you find date wise egg rate for desire state.

What are benefits for eating eggs.

Eggs are a great source of high-quality protein, essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including omega-3 fatty acids, choline, and Lutein, which boast good eye health. They contain good cholesterol that can increase HDL levels and improve overall health. Eggs have many health benefits, including improving skin and hair health, brain function, and energy production. One egg contains 100 mg of Choline, which is essential for building cell membranes and improving the immune system.

What is the reason for variation in egg price.

The wholesale price of eggs in India can be affected by various factors, such as market demand, supply, and production. Some key determinants of egg rates include:

  • Bird Flu Outbreak: The outbreak of bird flu can cause a sharp difference in egg prices and demand, affecting the egg price for several weeks.
  • Pandemic: The demand for eggs has reduced due to lockdown and other restrictions imposed during the pandemic.
  • Festive Season: Egg consumption is generally lower during festival seasons, such as in Tamil Nadu where people tend to avoid non-veg foods, leading to decreased daily consumption of eggs.
  • Summer Season: Poultry product consumption, including eggs, is lower during the summer season, resulting in lower egg prices.
  • Christmas Season: Egg prices are typically higher during November and December, as the demand increases for baking and other holiday-related activities.
  • School Reopening: Egg rates tend to increase during June and July due to school opening timings, where many states serve eggs to students as part of their afternoon meal scheme.

Where is the major poultry hubs in India.

Namakkal and Barwala are two major poultry hubs in India, with daily egg rates fixed by the NECC on a regular basis. Namakkal is the largest supplier of eggs in South India, and about 65% of total egg production in Tamil Nadu comes from Namakkal. The quality and taste of Namakkal eggs make them in high demand, and the daily rates determined by NECC also affect egg prices in other parts of South India. Similarly, Barwala egg rate is determined by the NECC and eggs produced there are consumed in various states across India.


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Egg Rate Key Factor

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What to Look for in a Reliable Egg Rate Website

  • Accuracy: The most crucial factor when looking for an egg rate website is accuracy. The site should provide accurate and up-to-date information on egg prices, preferably sourced directly from egg producers or markets.
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Final Words

When looking for a reliable site for egg rate today updates, it's essential to consider accuracy, frequency of updates, and user-friendliness. EggRateLive is the best site for egg rate updates, offering accurate and up-to-date information on egg prices in India. With this website, you can stay informed about the latest egg prices and make informed decisions about your egg business.


According to the NECC egg rate, today egg rate in Mussoorie is ₹5.65 per piece.

According to the NECC egg rate, today egg rate of 1 tray in Mussoorie is ₹169.5 per 30 pieces.

According to the NECC egg rate, today egg rate of 1 peti in Mussoorie is ₹1187 per 210 pieces.

According to the NECC egg rate, today eggs rate in Mussoorie is ₹565 per 100 pieces.